3D Photography Los Angeles

When you work in Los Angeles and need a 3D photography specialist, then consider calling the 3-D photographs professionals from OC Product Photography in LA at 949-878-2626. The techniques that go onto these types of photographs are often quite complicated to the untrained eye, so we offer our services every day out of the week. Whether you need to set up an e-commerce store with crisp options or you are simply looking to up the ante for your next marketing campaign, we have the perfect team to fit your needs. Our process begins with looking at your apparel on a mannequin, and then using our extensive Adobe Photoshop expertise to remove the form, leaving your clothing freestanding.

With over 10 years of experience with some of the major action sports brands, we can assure you of not only a mastery of our art, but also the professionalism than comes along with so many years in the industry. Just let us know how we can guide your campaign or how you need our assistance in any other way by calling 949-878-2626. Our advanced techniques can easily be applied to , showcasing the interior of your product.

3-D Photographs LA

For 3-D photographs to enhance your next campaign in LA, the most seasoned team can be found at OC Product Photography. By taking several different sets of pictures from diverse angles we are able to formulate the perfect 3D print. With well over 18 years of Adobe Photoshop experience alone we are able to take these pictures and create a flawless end product through precision editing. That’s why our team has been highly sought-after for the past 10 years by some of the biggest names in action sports! As an excellent alternative to laying out your apparel for shoots, our team can apply their “invisible people” techniques and leave your clothing filled out and standing on its own. Just give our team a call and we can give you an estimate on what this kind of campaign will cost your company. From a that can set up a studio on-site at your location to expertise, we try our best to remain ahead of the curve. Call our offices today to make an appointment for a shoot any day during the week at 949-878-2626.

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